Company "Gemignani Truffle"

A little history…

Our story begins near 1930 in a small village in the town of San Miniato, when the Gemignani family discovered that, in the forests of the area where they lived, grew the famous white truffle, much-sought by merchants in Northern Italy. Owning a small food shop, they began to buy precious truffles from the local truffle hunters, and then selling them to merchants passing through San Miniato who already knew the precious fruits which the land offered.

Over the years, the old family trade has been passed down from father to son; today Filippo, who represents the fourth generation of the Gemignanis, continues such work with passion and experience, with the valuable help of his family. In order to enable food lovers to taste truffles all year round, today we create fine truffle specialities in our workshop, giving primary importance to the careful selection of raw materials, professionalism, both with respect for traditional recipes and with a sharp look to the innovations of modern haute cuisine.

Our products are appreciated by many restaurants and are distributed by the best Italian and worldwide sellers through qualified importers. Furthermore, in the inner city of San Miniato you will our shop “Casa Gemignani”, where you can buy all the products we produce and, according to the season, fresh truffles.

San Miniato: city of truffles

In the heart of Tuscany rises up a beautiful medieval town rich in history, art and culture, that offers visitors from around the world a wonderful outlook over the hills surrounding this area.
A land rich in vineyards and olive groves, it also offers one of the most celebrated products, as precious as sought-after: fine white truffles.
In this area, in autumn, it is not uncommon to meet experienced truffle hunters who walk in the woods in search of truffles with their trustworthy dogs.
In November, the country dresses up to celebrate the most important event in the area connected to truffle: the San Miniato white truffle’s trade show (2nd, 3rd and 4th weekend of November).